The Dr David Summers Charitable Trust was established in May 2011 following the death of Dr Summers.

Dr Summers was a physicist and a poet (see Obituary). He left his entire estate in trust with the intention that the funds be used to promote and encourage the study, practice and knowledge of Scottish literature.

The Trustees look after a charitable fund which now amounts to about £600,000 from which grants to selected organisations promoting Scottish literature are distributed on an annual basis. Over the years since the Trust was set up it has made donations in excess of £135,000.

The funds consist of stock exchange investments managed by Rathbone Investment Management, and a rental flat in Edinburgh.

The Trustees meet two or three times a year to consider grant applications, and to review and monitor investment performance and the Trust’s financial strategy. Specific investment restrictions are not imposed on the portfolio but ethical investment issues are actively considered by the Trustees.